Why Site Speed Matters

Whether developing a website for your business or on behalf of a client, it’s imperative that it is designed with both human users and search engine crawlers in mind. As such, the formula for online success will include many elements – perhaps none are as important as site speed. When looking to introduce enhanced ecommerce […]

What Is Web Analytics?

When developing a business website, optimizing the experience for your customer (and, therefore, the business) must be a priority at all times. Website analytics will enable you to do this in style, thus boosting your hopes of increased awareness, traffic, and conversions. As a part of your wider ecommerce analytics strategy, website analytics will take […]

Ecommerce Analytics 101

When developing your ecommerce website, it’s imperative that every decision you make is designed with the customer’s best interests in mind. After all, if their interest is not converted into a sale, the business won’t have a future. Therefore, introducing ecommerce analytics should be considered an essential ingredient in the recipe for online success. The […]